La Chatte. XL


Specchio delle meraviglie. 60 cm

Disegnato in collaborazione con l'artista Morena Fortino, autrice della fotografia La Chatte.

Mi è sembrato di vedere un gatto…

* materiali: specchio, realizzato con innovative tecniche di fabbricazione digitale e dipinto a mano
* dimensioni: diametro 60 cm
* colore del disegno: nero
* retro: dipinto a mano
* sistemi di fissaggio a parete nascosti sul retro dello specchio


Mirror of wonders.60 cm. 

Designed in collaboration with the artist Morena Fortino, author of La Chatte picture.

I thought I saw a cat…

* materials: mirror, made with innovative digital fabrication methods and handmade painted
* dimensions: 60 cm diameter
* colour of the drawing: black
* rear side: hand painted
* hidden wall hanging system on the rear side of the mirror


I was trying to photograph my cat Yang, as she was reflecting in a mirror, which I was handeling while attempting to attract her to me. I had no specific intentions, I only let myself go to a sort of “controlled randomness”, since a cat doesn’t obey. I made various tests, until the perfect instant occurred in which the mirror was positioned on my lower abdomen and the head of Yang, looking in the camera attracted by its LED light, gathered to form a sensual coincidence. Looking at the shots later on, I realized that this one was valuable on its own, but I couldn’t imagine what it was going to unleash since that May 10 2014, when I published the picture on the socials.

Since then, besides the many “likes”, shares and friend requests, that picture doesn’t belong to me any more, having unfortunately lost almost immediately any reference to me as the author, just the way it often happens on the Internet. I actually found the picture spreaded everywhere, just to mention some placements I have enjoyed about: from the social profile of Ornella Muti’s daughter, to the great American art critic Jerry Saltz, from a Chinese site of t-shirts with cats, to the many meme. Up to the paradox of a girl who requested me the friendship on Facebook, just to reproach me for having stolen “her” photo and put it as my profile picture.” (Morena Fortino)


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